Fresh 6 pieces on the shell
Chicken Karaage 7.95
Agedashi Tofu 7.25
Spicy Tuna 8.25
Seafood Tempura 7.25
Sunomono Salad 6.25
Shrimp Sunomono 7.25
Gyoza 10.75
Soup (1 servings)
Miso Shiru 2.50
(soy bean paste soup with bean cakes)
Sumashi (soup with slices of chicken, mushroom, fish cake & green onions) 3.25
Chawan Mushi (egg custard soup) 7.95
Vegetable 9.95
Prawns (12 whole) 18.95
Prawn & Vegetable 18.75
Deluxe Seafood
(Prawns, Scallops, Salmon, Mussels, Kamaboko & Vegetables)
Sashimi (Sliced raw fish and /or shell fish, 12 pcs)
Tuna (albacore) Sashimi 22.95
Salmon (wild sockeye) Sashimi 22.95
Tuna & Salmon Sashimi 24.95
Assorted Sashimi 26.95
Japanese Combination $20.95
(Beef Teriyaki, Salmon in Tin Foil, Prawn & Vegetables Tempura, Small Sunomuno Salad, and Steamed Rice) Japanese Combo  

Chirashi Bowls
(Slices of Fish Over Sushi Rice)
Tuna & Salmon Chirashi (Raw) 21.95
Unagi Chirashi (fresh water BBQ eel) 19.95
Assorted Chirashi 24.95
Donburi Bowls
(Rice bowls topped with celery, mushrooms, peas, eggs, fish cakes, bamboo shoots & onions simmered together in a sweet and savoury sauce)
Tendon (Tempura Prawns) 15.95
Katsudon (Pork Cutlet) 14.95
Oyako (Chicken) 14.95
Teriyaki Dishes
(served with steamed rice and side of vegetable)
Chicken Teriyaki 17.95
Chicken & Scallop Teriyaki 23.95
Beef Teriyaki 26.95
Beef & Prawn Teriyaki 29.95
Salmon Teriyaki 23.95
Salmon Shioyaki (salted grilled salmon) 23.95
Sukiyaki / Butteryaki Dishes
Beef or Salmon Sukiyaki 21.95
Beef or Salmon Butteryaki 21.95
Tofu Steak Tofu covered with mushrooms & vegetable gravy 17.50
Udon (Japanese Thick Noodles)
Tempura Udon 15.95
Beef Udon 15.95
Chicken Karaage Udon 15.95
Yaki Udon 16.95
(fried noodles with beef & vegetables)
Miso Seafood Udon 19.95
Spicy Seafood Udon 19.95
Nabe Yaki (tempura prawns, assorted seafood with egg) 19.95

SpicyUdon Udon

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